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Joys Varghese

Founder, Director, Head Coach , Professional Fighter, International Level Referee

Spartans Martial Arts & Fitness is a one of its kind club and training school for martial arts enthusiasts and MMA Lovers. Our club Was founded on 2014 and have been training and motivating fighters providing them proper techniques and opportunities to greatness. We provide quality Training and Guidance who dreams of getting trained in martial arts combined with Fitness and Sportsman spirit in the long run.

Our Training Tips & Tricks

Will Help You Practise Even More Efficiently

Muay Thai fighters must train as efficiently as possible to stay alive in the ring. That means brutal, fast workouts...!!

How does a Dutch kickboxing differ from the mainstream kickboxing ?

Why is the Bartitsu fighting school so underestimated nowadays ?

The best trainers are created through years of hard work and dedicated study...!!