Isabel’s Father @mathews.chacko

Spartans Martial arts and fitness club, along the long years after its inception had many a female student, but the most outstanding one is the one featured In the video. Isabel Mathews is one of the most experienced players and her father taught the head coach of the club a couple of years back and […]


1. INTERMITTENT DIETA. 16/8 PLAN:• Fast for 16 hours a day (men), 14 – 15 hours for women.• Restrict food to a 8 – 10 hour window• Fit in 2 – 3 meals.2. THE 5:2 PLAN:• Eat 500 – 600 calories 2 days a week.• Eat normally for the other 5 days.3. EAT – STOP […]

Luptupfa gym in Thailand

Luptupfa gym in Thailand has always been a home in Thailand.The coaches were my pillars of strength with their terribly good teaching etiquette.#joysvarghese #Muaythaioman #muaythaicoach #spartansfightclub

it’s been a dream journey from coach’s Joys in a busy schedule

It’s been while since I’ve been to the home of muay Thai, it’s been a dream journey from coach’s busy schedule. He go every year updating his knowledge which changes sands of time to benefit both the club as well as his students in all their championships.#joysvarghese #spartansfightclub #muaythaitraining #muaythaioman #muaythai #muaythaicoach #thailand #bangkok #fitnessmotivation @ Luktupfah Muay Thai