Certified Trainer Courses

Our Institution also provides Trainer course to those who wish to learn how to train brilliant students who would gradually shine in their own right. This course is specifically taught by our Head Coach Kru Joys Varghese as he is “the” most qualified coach in the club.

Personal Training

Our Institute provides personal training to students who request for it at a reasonable price. We have qualified personal who teach these students at the times they find convenient and also provide intense sessions when nearing competitions. This type of training is extremely beneficial as it gives one on one attention and minimizes any mistakes […]


Mixed Martial Arts is a form of full contact combat sport involving grappling, striking as well as takedowns and locks. It is most often referred to as a Hybrid Martial Arts as it has no specific roots nor any particular tradition. A fighter can use any sort of martial arts and it has very few […]


In the modern world obesity is a common occurrence due to the increasingly sedentary as well as machine dependent lifestyle. Obesity or being overweight itself is not much of a problem but what follows not only is a myriad of cardiac and physiological problems. It has also been observed from new studies that overweight children […]


The use of boxing or rather the art of fighting with the use of fists have been on the go since ancient times, however modern boxing finds its roots in Egypt at about 3000 B. C. Where fighters used to wrap their hands around soft leather and fight each other using bare fists. Currently boxing […]

Muay Thai Training

The origins of this martial art is unclear but it is confirmed to be of Thai origin. Muay Thai was used in Thailand for the purpose of self defense as well as to be used in the battle field during war time. It is also known as the art of eight limbs where one’s hands, […]